Why Africa is asleep

A refreshing read!

The Villager

It is the 2020s, and the Western world is seeing a resurgence of White nationalism across many Western countries; a pendulum swing after 70 years, yet 30 years after Africa succumbed to the new world order, an insidious process that changed the dynamics of the world from one of would-be independent nations, to one held hostage by Western powers controlled by global corporations. Corporations so massive we barely even perceive their cold, cruel grip except as a chill breeze, even as it tightens around our necks and suffocates us. This we perceive with that intermittent shudder with the hairs on our backs stand on end in those brief moments we can understand that centuries-old cruelty of a world that sees black African lives as no more than chattel.

Then, we again get distracted, and forget.

Something has changed though. A sense of urgency. And in the face of…

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