Hewal3 Klan

They say we don’t miss the person, just the memories and yet somehow the knowledge that those memories can only be relived with that one person is despairing. Cool after a late Friday afternoon rain, the ambulance siren went off. The town was wet with the rain and tears of our family and friends. We were expecting it. My step sister, Fiankobea had died a month after a ‘successful” mastectomy. This was thirteen months after her breast cancer diagnosis. When my mother told me that she had fully removed her left breast I heaved a sigh and sent her kind words on Whatsapp that was read but never replied. At least I wasn’t blocked.

My father had three wives and ten children; eight girls and two boys. The first wife, Sisi Kyerewa had three daughters and lived at Peduase till she died. The second who everyone calls Mama, has four…

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